About EZ TAG

I love my EZ TAG! Discover the Benefits of Life in the "EZ" Lane

Owning an EZ TAG gives you the freedom to travel non-stop on Texas toll roads - saving you both time and money!

Save Time

Owning an EZ TAG enables you to enjoy non-stop passage through EZ TAG ONLY lanes reserved exclusively for EZ TAG Patrons on the Sam Houston, Hardy, Fort Bend Parkway, Airport Connector, Westpark Tollway, the Sam Houston Tollway Ship Channel Bridge and the Katy Managed Lanes.

In addition to the non-stop EZ TAG ONLY lanes, designated mixed-use lanes allow either cash or EZ TAG transactions.

Save Money

EZ TAG owners pay less than cash and coin payers! To establish your pre-paid EZ TAG Account and put money back in your wallet you may choose to use Discover Card, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or a Direct Debit from your checking account. Toll payments will be automatically deducted from your pre-paid account as you pass through EZ TAG lanes. Statements are available free 24/7 at the online EZ TAG store.

Anywhere in Texas

For Texans on the go, feel confident knowing your EZ TAG will allow non-stop travel on most Texas toll roads. Note: Acceptance of EZ TAG as a form of payment outside of Harris and Fort Bend County toll roads is not guaranteed. When you're planning to use a toll road, we encourage you to check with the entity to confirm they will accept EZ TAG.


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